Luke and Charlie

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“Can the Creator of all lure poetry out of a stone?” Thomas Keating asked in a poem he wrote in the last months of his life. In a dog’s messiness during the puppy stage—the accidents on your carpet, the tearing of your favorite piece of clothing, and the endless amounts of energy needing to be spent before napping, the looks …

Daisy and Radar

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Do you feel symptoms prior to a triggered bodily response? It seems that dogs sense early warning signs before their companions’ painful memories flash or seizures start.

The Life of Finley – Cafe Stories

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With social distancing, it’s tougher to have a conversation, but Finley extends the length of the leash and people pet him while saying hello. Taking him to hospitals and nursing homes will wait until there is a COVID-19 vaccine; in the meantime, I’m thankful many people can receive joy a few feet away. He often jumps with excitement when seeing …

Finley & Dug

The Life of Finley – His Name

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On my frequent drive to the North Carolina Museum of Art, I pass a Carter-Finley road sign. “Are you a NC State fan?” many have asked during my walks with Finley. While I attended the university for graduate school, I didn’t name the dog after the stadium. Simply, I looked for names online that ended in “Y”. I came across the …

Jason and his troop help Jax overcome aggression

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Jason received Jax for training to help with aggressive behavior. Jax was afraid of other dogs, cats, small children and other humans and according to Jax’s owner, he bit her male friend. After one day with Jason, Jax was able to tolerate close proximity to other dogs and a cat as seen in the photo above. Jason used a gentle …

Lisa Syriac Memoriam

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It is with great sadness the family of Lisa Renee Syriac, 48, of Clayton, NC announce her passing on March 31, 2020 from a sudden aneurysm. Lisa was born in Columbus, Ohio on August 6, 1971 to John and Linda Hayman.  Lisa resided in Clayton NC and is survived by her husband, Jason Syriac; her two sons, Tyler and Ryan …

Veteran Owned Award Winning BBQ Sauce Gives Back

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Battle Tested Craft BBQ Sauce ™  is Veteran owned and gives back to Veterans.  So what could be better that that?  Well, we had to find out so we tested this award winning sauce ourselves and absolutely agreed it is the most delicious sauce we’ve ever had and we’re so happy to find out it’s made with all natural, high …

Celebrate National K9 Veterans Day

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The United States K9 Corps were created on March 13, 1942. This is the day dogs officially became part of the military as United States Military Working Dogs (MWD’s).  Joseph J. White, a Military Veteran and MWD handler, of Jacksonville, FL began a movement in 1987 to make this day a holiday to honor all K9 service dogs.  Joseph known as “Joe the …

Sponsor a Pup and Help a Veteran

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Sgt. Rosco has implemented a program allowing you to sponsor a puppy that will be trained as a therapy or service dog for a veteran.  Sgt. Rosco is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) charity that relies on donations and volunteers to train therapy service dogs for veterans with PTSD and disabilities.  The VA estimates 20 veterans commit suicide every day and …